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What is the purpose of this Discipleship Pathway?

For those looking to grow in their devotion to Jesus, the Discipleship Pathway lists a clear path you can take that puts you in a position to grow.  While we acknowledge that God determines all spiritual growth, we have found that taking the steps in this path has been helpful for many believers and can serve both as markers of maturity and goals to accomplish.  Simply put, this puts the growth opportunities that we offer here at BSCC in a clear, simple frame of reference that anyone can understand.  It should also clarify what next steps they should take if they want to grow spiritually.

How soon do I need to take these classes?

Because we are hoping to onboard as many people as possible, we are offering Faith Foundations 101 in a variety of time slots this spring.  Moving forward, we anticipate offering it for those new to BSCC and for those who didn’t get a chance to take it earlier, at least three times a year.  When you are ready for the next class, you can take it as it is offered.  We hope to have 201 ready to take in the fall of 2024, 301 in the spring of 2025, and 401 in the fall of 2025.  These will most likely be offered on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.  If a Small Group desires to take one of the classes together, the Small Group leader may get the teaching guide and lead their group through those lessons as they see fit.

How do I determine what stage I’m in?

As you read the description under each stage, that may naturally help you see where you are.  Additionally, you can look at the “Practices to Apply” to see if you’ve already accomplished most of them.  While it’s not necessary to take part in each “Practice”, they are a good indicator of whether or not you are doing the things that we would expect of someone in that stage of spiritual growth.

Do I have to complete each of the “Practices to Apply” to move on to the next stage?

We strongly encourage participants to not “skip ahead” in the Faith Foundation classes.  Each class builds upon the truths learned in previous classes, so they must be taken in order.  Spiritual growth is a process, and the timing for moving from one stage to the next will be different for each person.  We don’t want to rush the work God is doing in someone, but we also don’t want anyone to remain stagnant in their faith.  Growth is the goal!

When will you offer the Faith Foundation classes?

Are the students and children doing something similar?

Because this is a new process for the church, we are offering a variety of times this spring so that we can be on board as many people as possible.  Every Small Group is going through Faith Foundations 101 this year, and those that are open to having new people join them for this 8-week class are indicated in the link below.  We are also offering opportunities to take Faith Foundation 101 on Sunday mornings at 9:30am and Wednesday nights at 6:30p.  Childcare is offered for both Sunday morning and Wednesday night at no charge.  For a complete list of times and to sign up for Faith Foundation 101, click on the link below.
Faith Foundations 101

Yes!  They are working off the same model as the adults and will be using the same terminology.  Their “Practices to Apply” are age-specific to their ministry, but they all have actions they can take to put themselves into a greater opportunity for spiritual growth.  The “Principles to Learn” are the same as the adults, but they will be offered or referred to in different ways within the context of their ministry programming.

Where does becoming a Christian fit into this pathway?

The purpose of this path is to outline a plan for spiritual growth after a person becomes a Christian.  So, it is assumed that salvation has occurred within the individual before they start on this path.

Why do we all have to take Faith Foundations 101?  What if I’m past this stage in terms of maturity?

I have a different question.   Who do I talk to?

Because so many of us come from different faith backgrounds, we believe it is prudent for us all to be on the same page doctrinally.  This allows us to share both what the Bible says and how we practice our faith here at BSCC.  For some, these lessons will reveal new insights not previously known.  For others, they will find their faith strengthened as they review the principles and give them opportunities to pass along insights to others in the class.101 lays down the foundational principles which many of our church programs, ministries, and activities are based upon.
You can contact Connections Minister Tom Worstell at with any additional questions.